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Is your network fast?

Most networks now are 100 Mbps. Some of the higher ones are 1 Gbps, (10 times faster). Now with names like Dell and Apple including 1 Gbps network adapters in their laptops and desktops, even 1 Gbps is poised to become the new standard, but these guys want to increase that 10 fold.
To give you an idea of how fast that is, your typical high speed internet is only 1.5 Mbps. So ideally, you could download a DVD (4.7 Gigs) in 7h 12m on your 1.5Mbps “High Speed Internet” or the same file in 4 seconds at 10 Gbit, your computer can’t even wright that much information to your hard disk in that amount of time.

Startup Demonstrates 10G-Bit Over Copper:
“An Intel Corp.-backed startup, SolarFlare Communications Inc., said Monday that it has developed a working prototype of a chip that will permit 10G-bps communications over standard CAT5e copper wiring.”
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