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Xmas Lights of Death

My XBox started malfunctioning last night. It’s flashing red and green lights instead of happily serving up Grand Theft Auto. It was a very sad day.
Today there is new hope, in that a number of people have offered very seemingly good advice as to what may be the problem. I will investigate these issues further.
On the up side, I did do a backup of one crucial piece of information just the other day. I backed up the hard drive password. This at least, should allow me to put the drive in my PC and unlock it to recover my saved games and such. Hope does spring eternal that I can find a solution.
She’s not dead, just deaf, blind and dumb. I’ve seen worse. I hope for the best.

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Paul February 24th, 2004 8:10 am

Shoulda got a playstation I’ve had mine for years and it’s just humming along fine.

Nah I’m kidding that sucks man.