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Battery Woes

My iBook battery has decided that it no longer wants to hold a charge, well not so much hold, but fill all the way up.
The culprit seems to be the capacity listed here:
That capacity used to be in the 3200 range. As far as I can tell it’s a direct relation to the run time, charge time and overall performance of the battery. I’ve scoured over the net have been unable to find a reasonable explanation for this strange drop in my capacity. Apple claims that by unplugging and removing my battery then pressing the reset button, the issue can be resolved. Not true. They also claim that draining the battery completely down and then recharging it will also fix this little conundrum. WRONG AGAIN! This has been very frustrating.
Then I found this comment on MacIntouch, by Rob Wyatt, he has the same iBook as me and did everything that I did as well, and offered the solution of entering into the Open Firmware by holding down (Command + Option + F + O) and typing “reset-nvram”, “set-defaults” and then “reset-all”. The last command will reboot and, success!
Not great but a little better!

UPDATE: The battery needs to be in a very low battery state, in fact, I’d recommend draining it all the way down, leaving the machine in sleep until it doesn’t even have enough power to sleep. Then do the above procedure.

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