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GTA III Done, on to Vice City

I finished GTA 3 this morning. Yay! Now on to Vice City. The later is definitely more of an adult game, if that is possible.
Parents, DO NOT buy Grand Theft Auto for your kids. On that subject, here is a hint when buying games. There is a rating system, just like movies. It describes what age group the game is for and what levels of violence might be in it. Buying an M rated game (Mature) is exactly the same as buying your child some Porn or an R rated movie.
More information here:
Entertainment Software Rating Board

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julia December 25th, 2003 3:36 pm

vice city is fun! especially when u not do the missions and just ride around stealing cars and just try to get cops on ur tail… mmmm fun lol
but yeah i hate all that erm nudity crap in vedio games, i might as well just rent porn…. or if i were renting porn or wanted to i would stop doing that and just play vid games… eh oh well