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Bell Canada Gets Hacked

Came in this morning, not feeling very well. But this made me laugh and feel better. When running a trace route to bell.ca you get this as one of the servers along the path..

16 bells-network-has-lots-of-security-holes-to-exploit.bell-nexxia.net ( 176.38 ms 73.544 ms 264.765 ms

Not good Bell.

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Alison December 5th, 2003 10:09 pm

Haha…. i figured i’d run a tracert as well so me and JD could have a laugh… turns out the message has changed (at least as of 10 tonite)…

12 * 57 ms 58 ms tic-toc-guys-hopefully-you-have-this-fixed-soon.bell-nexxia.net []