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If that subject means anything to you, then you probably had a Commodore 64. I, thanks to the wonders of emulators am learning how to use a computer that I used to play games on at my friend’s house when I was in grade 4.
There are a whole slew of games that have become public domain since the C64 was released. Good for me 🙂 I’m currently running an emulator on my Mac, but if I upgrade my palm then I’ll be able to run the same software on that, under a palm emulator for the commodore.
Simply, an emulator takes the code from another system and makes that code think it is running on the hardware that it was programmed to run on.

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eeny December 1st, 2003 8:29 pm

THATS AWESOME… what was the name of that game where you got to evacuate camps with your helicopter? i loved that game… it was so my whole xmas vacation staying at my uncle phils when i was like 8.

Staysea December 4th, 2003 12:42 am

nerd nerd nerd….he he he…..thanks for getting that DOS game to work on my laptop! That was my favorite game when i was….younger that you were when that game came out in 1991!