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iTunes for Windows Review

I’ve been using iTunes for over a year, since I bought my first Mac, and I was thrilled to have it available for my Windows machine too.
First thing, I imported my 9,993 tracks from my CD collection. Didn’t take too long. The end result, a very easy and fast database of all my music. I can even go through the daunting task of fixing some of the ID3 tags that are still wrong. Plus, when I’m done, I’ll turn on the consolidation feature and reorganize the entire directory structure so that they are all neat and tucked away in their own Artist/Album directory hierarchy.
Music still sounds great and the burning feature works great. Plus Smart playlists, I love that feature.
My only complaint really, is that the visualization performance is crap. I was looking forward to watching 60 fps on my Radeon 9600. Sadly, this was not the case. Instead I was treated to 10 fps. Why Apple? Why? And no OpenGL support? For shame!!! It’s in the Apple version. Even DirectX would have been nice. Or left it out entirely.
But this is still the, BEST at equalization, and organization. Now if only I could use the online music store. COMMON APPLE CANADA!!! GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER!!!

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Staysea October 20th, 2003 11:47 am

i sense anger, you should maybe see the same psyc i recommended to mark. and come home for lunch. 🙂

simpsonfrk2001 November 1st, 2003 9:22 am

I am using the Itunes for Windows right now, And I got the Music Store. Maybe you have to download a newer version of Itunes. The new one is 4.0.1 or something like that. I have noticed it did not start at 1.0, I guess they just started after their mac version.