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NASA helps out SETI

For a number of years now I’ve given over my spare computing time (time when my computers are on but I’m not using them) to SETI@Home. It’s a project to Search for Extra Terrestrial Life, using radio telescopes and listening to the stars. What that ends up with is piles upon piles of data that needs to be checked and that is what’s special about SETI@Home. You download their screensaver and then that in turn downloads a packet of data to be tested. While your screensaver is running, it tests out that packet of data, when it’s done, it fires it back to SETI and they view the results. Neat hu? Currently SETI@Home has had 1,531,095.786 years of computer time donated by it’s members.
Anyhow, the big news is that NASA has given SETI a 5 year grant to continue with their research. They haven’t found any little green men yet, but they have found several pulsars and other stellar phenomena.

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