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Remove the Ads from MSN Messenger

I use MSN messenger on my windows machines, but I hate the ads. That little bar ticks me off. However you can download a patch utility to remove the ads. You can download it from Software Analysis.

To Patch:
1) Open MSN Messenger, click on Help About and look at the version number. You want to pay attention to the first number, either 5 or 6 and the last 4 numbers.
2) Download the correct version of the patcher and save it in the same folder as MSN Messenger. Usually it’s C:\Program Files\MSN Messenger\
3) Quit MSN Messenger by right clicking on the icon in your task bar and choosing Exit
4) Run the patch file that you downloaded.
5) Start MSN Messenger from the Start menu and behold the beauty of no more ads (like you ever clicked on them in the first place)


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